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Desperate Cher Calls Sarah Sanders A ‘Sister Wife,’ Greta DESTROYS Her With 3 Brutal Words

Cher, who was once regarded as one of the best acts in the music industry, is getting desperate. In what appears to be a shameless ploy for media attention, she has taken to attacking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who the singer referred to as a “sister wife” because of the conservative way she dresses. Well, thankfully, former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren was quick to offer Cher a bit of perspective on the situation, putting the misguided songstress in her place with three brutal words.

Earlier this week, for seemingly no reason at all, Cher attacked Sarah Sanders via Twitter, likening her style of dress to a polygamist “sister wife.” Cher’s insult came out of nowhere, as Sanders has never provoked her in any way.

Legendary singer Cher has taken a swipe at Sarah Sanders’ fashion.

On Monday, the singer took to Twitter to express her sentiments about Sander’s style and shamed her for her everyday wear.

Cher’s tweet read, “Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife.”

The singer illustrated her tweet with an image of two women in stereotypical clothing. In the photo the women also sport braids, plain lace-up shoes and high-neck dresses with long sleeves and puffy shoulders. [Source: Fox News]

Although she usually stays out of the fray, after seeing Cher degrade a classy woman like Sanders, Greta Van Susteren couldn’t keep quiet. She took to social media to shame the singer for all of her 1.2 million Facebook followers to see, writing, “Cher should apologize.”

“Click on this article,” implored the former Fox News host, “and make sure you check out in the article the picture which shows how Cher dresses now, at age 71…the picture is there and it is well…you tell me,” adding, “Cher should apologize.”

Cher is a fake feminist, just like the rest of her loud-mouthed, out-of-touch cronies in the entertainment industry. You cannot fancy yourself a crusader for the female cause one day and insult a woman for her choice of dress the next day without being a massive hypocrite. Plain and simple.

However, Cher’s case is magnified by the fact that she is a senior citizen who regularly dresses like a cheap hooker. Meanwhile, Sarah Sanders typically opts for understated business attire that places an emphasis on her natural beauty and the focus on her intelligence, rather than whatever physical attributes she has to offer. That’s called class.

Just because Sanders doesn’t saunter up to the press room podium in a low-cut shirt and cut-off shorts does not make her a “sister wife.” It makes her professional. How, pray tell, would Cher have her dress if she had her way? More sequins? Fishnet stockings? Six-inch platform high heels? How would that be at all appropriate for a government official?

In fact, perhaps Cher is the one who should start taking some style cues from the White House press secretary. After all, Sanders’ career has exploded in the past year. Imagine that — a woman who didn’t have to prostitute herself in revealing outfits to achieve success.

Meanwhile, Cher’s career has, well, fizzled. The only time she makes headlines these days is when she releases a foul-mouthed tweet about a member of the Trump administration. It would certainly seem as though one of these women is a bit jealous. I’ll give you a little hint… She’s not the one parading around in pasties.

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