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BREAKING – Melania Makes HUGE First Lady Announcement, MILLIONS Are Cheering

Despite the hate agenda that Liberals prefer to use towards first lady Melania, she shows classy behavior and proves that an intelligent woman like her, wants to accomplish her goals.

One of her goal is to prevent cyber bullying, and save thousands of children to commit suicide, as we know that today the risk for children to commit suicide have gone too high.

Melania experienced the same thing when ISIS targeted her son Barron with their sick games and called him autistic and future “home school” shooter.

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

Melania officially announced that she will fight against cyber bullying. She previously received many hateful comments on her career as a former model. Some media claimed she posed nude before, and stated that it makes her unfit to be first lady of the United States.

The same liberals that claimed everyone needs to be dressed how they want, and no one can complain on that, are now striking Melania about posing nude on some Magazine years ago.

Others claim that her past is a perfect example of a woman chasing her dreams. She is a legal immigrant who became famous before even meeting president Trump. She had ups and downs and later married a man who represents a perfect example of gentleman with manners and class.

When speaking on the report, children today have higher risk to commit suicide than ever before, and one of the main reasons is cyber bullying. If we consider that every children today has full access to internet and social media, the parents should be more careful and prevent any unpleasant situations. Many programs have been already implemented where group of psychologists offer help to young children.

It’s great to hear that our first lady will help and struggle for this phenomena to vanish in order our children to have safe and happy childhood. What is your opinion on our first lay?

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Angry Patriot Movement.

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